Winstub le « Tire Bouchon »

CM200693Schedule: Open everday from 12.00 to 14.00 and in the everning from 18.30 to 21.00. There is a smaller menu from 14.00 to 17.30.

bening of 70’s, Zimmer Family start the Winstub “Au Tire-Bouchon” .Wines and traditional dish are the specialities of the place .

The “Tire-bouchon” get 150 places divided by 3 different hall.

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The entrées


Green salad with poached egg8.00 €
Oinion pie with green salad8.00 €
6 Snails
Smooked salmon plate12.50 €
Plate of raw vegetables9.00 €

Les Tartes flambées


Nature (bread dough, white cheese, onions, bacon)8,00 €
With cheese (bread dough, white cheese, onions, bacon, cheese)9,00 €
With mushrooms (bread dough, white cheese, onions, bacon, cheese, mushrooms)9,50 €
With smoked salmon (bread dough, white cheese, onions, dill, smoked salmon,cheese)12,00 €
Whit munster cheese (bread dough, white cheese, onions, bacon, cheese, munster cheese)9,50 €

The traditional dishes


Bibeleskas : dressed cottage cheese fried potatoes, Smoked ham and Munster14,50 €
Alsatian sauerkraut with 5 toppings16,50 €
Baeckeoffa an Alsatian Hotpot17,50 €
Veal kidney with a mustard << old recipe >>15,80 €
Munstiflette : Potatoes, Munster cheese, ham and green salad14,50 €



Charfillet in poppy and sesame crust served with noodles21,00 €



Suckling pig with honey22.00 €
Grilled steack with butter herbs (Beef)23,50 €

The Cheeses


A portion of Munster cheese3,50 €

The Desserts


Cup of ice and sorbet : 1 scoop2,50 €
Cup of ice and sorbet : 2 scoops4,50 €
Cup of ice and sorbet : 3 scoops6,50 €
Cup of ice and sorbet : 3 scoops with brandy9,00 €
Gourmet coffee8,50 €
Tart "Tire-Bouchon "6,50 €
Crème brulée6.50 €
Chocolate fondant on an island of custard sauce and raspberry ice cream8.00 €
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